Agneepath Scheme 2023 Update What changes government brought this time?

One of the biggest controversial schemes that have recently been launched by the Indian government which result in the loss of property includes the burning of trains, several government properties, and many more things by the youth of India. Due to the announcement of this scheme youth started protesting against the government and many slogans echoed in the streets of Indian states. If you are wondering about the scheme or want to know about it then here is the full description of the Agneepath scheme.

India’s defence minister Mr Rajnath Singh has announced the Agneepath scheme which aims to change the Indian Armed Forces by adding some new changes to the Indian army. According to him, the youngsters of India will provide an opportunity to serve in the India Armed forces in a new way and he called this new way Agniveers. Now let us discuss the Agneepath Scheme and why this scheme remains so controversial in India.

Brief Description of Project

Name of SchemeAgneepath scheme
Scheme BenefitsYouth will get a four-year job in the armed forces.
ObjectiveTo help the military and youth of India.

What is Agnipath Scheme?

The Agneepath scheme is a new way to recruit youngsters for the Indian Armed forces. It is a PAN India central government merit-based scheme for selecting the soldiers, airmen, and sailors for the country. It is just like an opportunity to serve his own country for just a year. Under this scheme, about 40,000 eligible youngsters will be recruited every year with a 10% increase in number per year. The candidate will recruit only in the non-commissioned rank.

What is the launch date of the Agneepath Scheme?

On 14 June 2022, the government of India launched this scheme for the recruitment of Indian soldiers which bears a lot of criticism to the government by the youths of India and this policy is strongly condemned by youngsters.

Why did the Government launch Agneepath Scheme?

There are three main reasons which the government has declared as the reason for why they launched the Agneepath Scheme,

  1. To Lower Average Age Price

Today in the Indian Army the average age is about 31 years which is quite high. Under this scheme, the new youngsters will get recruits and then the average age of the army will get lower.

  1. To reduce the pension load

The budget of the Army in 2022-23 is declared as 5.25 lakh crore out of which 1.2 Lakh crore rupees get paid to the only pension component. As per the defence expert, 55.3% of total revenue is spent only on salaries and pensions for army officers.

  1. To modernize the military

When the government will get sufficient savings on the army budget then it will use the saved budget in the modernization of the weapons and technology for the military.

Who are Agniveers?

The word Agniveers is used to define those soldiers who are selected under Agneepath Scheme and they are allowed in the rank of Hawaldar, Naik, Lance Naik, and Sepoy. With the help of these Agniveers, the security of the country India will increase as per the Indian government. These Agniveers will get a good salary during the service and also get a good package on retirement from the service.

These Agniveers will also get other facilities and the best thing they will get from the armed force is the way of living a good life, the meaning of discipline and how to live together with happiness. So the overall youthful profile of the youth will get upgraded who will go into the Armed force through this scheme.

Benefit of Agniveers

The main benefit of the Agnivvers is future-ready soldiers for our country. Those who spent their 4 years serving the country know about the Indian army, its techniques, fighting skills, etc. So whenever in the future our country will need soldiers for any war then we have already prepared for it. Also, the unique resume of the Agniveers and the biodata will help him to stand out in the crowd due to his different attitude and skill level.

What is the duration for the Agniveers’ service in Agneepath Scheme?

The thing that became the best or you can say the worst part of the scheme due to which the youth of India started the strike against the Indian government to bring back the Agneepath Scheme is related to its serving duration. When a candidate gets selected for the armed forces then he will be allowed to serve for only up to 4 years not more than this. Many youths become tensed about this serving duration as they start thinking that what they will do after 4 years. There is also one thing in this scheme which claims that only 25% of candidates are allowed to serve further for 15 years.

What is the problem with the scheme?

The problem in the scheme due to which the youth start protesting against the government is that the basic facilities which are provided in every government job are not provided under this scheme. Like everyone wants social security, financial security, pension facility, etc from the government job. But these facilities are snatched by the government under this scheme which hurts the youth more as they put their month or years of dedication to prepare for the exam and after this, they get only 4 years of the job. This is the reason the youth get angry over the government and started rallies in the streets, and highways torched 9 government trains, etc.

What will happen to the remaining Agniveers in Agneepath Scheme?

As I already told you that 25% of the Agniveers will get selected for the next 15 years but what happens with the remaining 75% of Agniveers? Then there is an answer, as per the government Agneepath Scheme the remaining 75% will remove from the service and they are awarded a package of 11-12 lakh rupees which is deducted from the monthly salary of the candidate.

What is the Age for the recruitment under Agneepath scheme?

The age of Agniveers will be 17.5 years to 21 years. So if you are the one who lies in this age and wants to serve your country then this scheme is for you.

What is Salary under Agneepath Scheme?

  1. Agniveers will be provided with 30,000 rupees per month and it will increase up to 40,000 rupees per month till the fourth year of commission.
  2. Risk/hardship allowance and Income tax-free.
  3. For those Agniveers who get died or achieve Martyrdom during the service then the full payment will give if he completes their service is still be given to their family.

Financial Exemption

  1. Death Compensation will also be allotted to the family of the Agniveers.
  2. Life insurance cover of 48 lakh rupees will also be provided.
  3. Additional 44 lakhs rupees for death attributable to the service.
  4. The payment for the unserved portion will still be given to the family of the Agniveers if something misshapen occurs.

What is the best part of this scheme?

There are many people who are supporting this scheme as many people don’t see the hall-filled glass as half-empty glass despite seeing it as half-full glass. The best part of this scheme is that the youth gets 4 years of definite job where he is going to learn new skills, the best training facility, live a completely new life, make new friends, have some source of income and also when the job gets done you will get a certificate, updated profile, and quite good some amount in your bank which you can use it for further business, or to find a new job.

Well, everything has its own good and bad views it totally depends on you how you want to look at the matter.

Challenges for Agneepath Scheme

Experts say that one of the biggest challenges they are facing today in military modernization is the budget of the Indian military given by the government. If you compare the budget of India and China for the military, as per reports, China spends $178 Billion in 2020 while India spent only $72.3 Billion in 2020, which is very little in amount.

Due to many expenditures on the pension or salary of the recruiters’ the government is trying to reduce this kind of expenditure by introducing these schemes like the Agneepath Scheme.

Criticism of the Agneepath Scheme

There are many criticisms that the government is bearing from the higher authority and also from the common people regarding the scheme,

  1. Soldiers will become mercenaries

Mercenaries are those people which do illegal activities for the sake of money. When a soldier gets retired they have good training, and masculine bodies and they know how to handle a war, how to fire, etc what happens if these persons indulge in bad activities just like in the case of Shabeg Singh?

  1. Not enough time for training

According to the higher officials of the army, the period of four years is very less as it requires about 7-8 years to train a proper man in the army.

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