AMRUT 2.0 Scheme 2023 Big Updates for Urban Areas Development & For Each Household

Hello everyone welcome back to our blog. Today we are going to discuss one of the most important schemes called as AMRUT 2.0 scheme. As we here discuss government schemes so now it’s time to cover this one. Before giving any information regarding the AMRUT scheme I just want to tell you about the full form of AMRUT which stands for Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation.

Here the word rejuvenation means to renew something and the government is trying to renew the urban areas and make them more developed, more sustainable, pollution free, have good infrastructure and have all other things for the growth of urban areas under the AMRUT 2.0 scheme.

AMRUT scheme was initially launched in 2015 and its second version which is AMRUT 2.0 scheme was launched in 2021. AMRUT scheme came to replace the Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewable Mission (JNURM).

Brief Description of Project

Name of SchemeAMRUT 2.0 Scheme
Scheme BenefitsUrban areas will get redeveloped with more features.
ObjectiveProvide tap water supply to each household.

What is AMRUT’s Mission?

AMRUT Missin is the redevelopment with more efforts to the urban areas. This mission says every household must have a tap water facility, maintain greenery around the society and give more open space to a house, and lastly reduce pollution by motivating people to use public transport. These all things are given under this scheme and this is what this scheme says to us and you can also treat it as the reason for which this AMRUT scheme is launched.

Note: The first priority of the government under this scheme is to provide the water tap facility to the severity. But it doesn't mean that the rest components of the AMRUT scheme are of less importance. It just says it's the priority.

Launch Year and Ministry of the AMRUT 2.0 Scheme

The launch year of this AMRUT 2.0 Scheme is 2021. Initially, the scheme was launched in 2015 and ran for 5 years and again in 2015 it was relaunched as AMRUT 2.0 scheme in 2021. This scheme falls under the ministry of urban and housing affairs government of India.

AMRUT 2.0 Scheme 2023 Key Highlight Features

PortalAMRUT 2.0 Scheme
Launched byCentral government scheme
Ministry ControlMinistry of Urban and Household Affairs
ObjectiveProvide tap water supply to each household.
BenefitsUrban areas will get redeveloped with more features.
BeneficiaryAll the households in Urban areas
Official WebsiteClick Here

Aim of AMRUT 2.0 Scheme

When this scheme was launched its aim was to accomplish 500 towns/cities water secure and now in its second phase its am to cover 4700 towns/cities totally water secure. Water security means the town or the city must have a water supply of 24 hours so it doesn’t have water severity.

Apart from water supply the scheme also aims to make the urban areas more developed having proper infrastructure and well-developed roads, open space availability in the houses and many more.

Type and funding pattern of the Scheme

AMRUT 2.0 scheme is a centrally sponsored scheme means the scheme is headed by the central government and the funding pattern will be distributed between the Central and the State government in a fixed ratio. The funding distribution is given below:-

  1. For Union Territories – As Union territories totally lie under the central government so the funding is totally 100% given by the central government and the state government has no share in it.
  2. For North-Eaastern States – For North-Eastern states, the funding pattern is divided in the ratio of 90:10 which means 90% of the funding is given by the central government and the rest 10% is given by the state government.

Funding on the Basis of population

Also, the funding pattern is done on the basis of the population like

  1. Areas Under 1 Lakh Population – For the areas having a population of one lakh, the funding is 50% given by the central and the rest 50% is given by the state government.
  2. Areas of the population between 1 lakh to 10 lakh – When the population of a particular area lies under 1 lakh to 10 lahks then one-third of the project cost will bear by the central government and the rest will be the state government.
  3. Areas of a population above 10 lakh – When the population of a particular area is more than 10 lakhs then 25% of the project cost will be given by the central government.

Tenure of AMRUT 2.0 Scheme

The tenure of the AMRUT 2.0 Scheme is from 2021-22 to 2025-26 means from the financial year 2021 to the financial year 2026.

Total Outlay of the AMRUT 2.0 Scheme

The total outlay of the AMRUT 2.0 Scheme is around 2,99,000 crores in which the central government share is 76,760 crores and the rest amount will bear by the state government.

Objectives of AMRUT 2.0

  1. 100% Coverage of water supply

One of the most important objectives of this scheme is to provide 100% coverage of water supply to all households in around 4,700 Urban Local Bodies (ULBs).

  1. 100% coverage of wastewater

This mission also aims to provide 100% coverage of waste sewerage and septage which means that all the wastewater must be totally recycled and that water must be used for profitable purposes. The objective of the government is to cover 500 AMRUT cities for this purpose.

  1. To rejuvenate water bodies

Under this mission of AMRUT 2.0 government aims to renew the water bodies and pipes for proper disposal and supply of water.

  1. To manage Urban aquifers

It is also the objective of the government under this scheme to manage the urban aquifers which means that the water availability in the water table should not decrease due to the over-exploitation of water for our needs and also the water must not be polluted with the use of fertilizers or other chemical agents.

  1. To recycle and reuse the wastewater

As described above proper facilities should be available to reuse the wastewater. Also, the need of a particular city that needs must be 20% fulfilled by the wastewater and it is 40% for the industrial area.

  1. To protect freshwater bodies

This mission also has the objective to protect the freshwater bodies from being polluted and also to use the methods of rainwater harvesting.

AMRUT 2.0 Scheme

Key Features of AMRUT 2.0 Scheme

  1. One of the best features of this scheme is to promote Public Private Partnership (PPP). This feature says that the area has a population above 1 Million, 10% promoted by the PPP.
  2. See there are two ways by which you can use water. In the first one you use the water and then it gets wasted and in the second one you use the water and after the use, you can reuse the water by some other methods. So this scheme also has the feature to promote the circular economy of water.
  3. This scheme is promoted by the Digital Economy being a paperless mission.
  4. Pey Jal Sarvekshan is also presented in this scheme under which many surveys are performed among the cities to get information about which city is performing better so that healthy competition will create.
  5. Global Technologies are introduced in this mission to perform better saving of water.
  6. This scheme also has the feature to promote the GIG economy and on-boarding youth & women.
  7. Also, schemes like Atma Nirbhar Bharat are encouraged under this scheme for startups and entrepreneurs.
  8. With the use of NRSC (National Remote Sensing Centre) urban aquifer management systems are developed.
  9. Also to create awareness about the programme and for the proper use of water in many places.

Instalments for the AMRUT 2.0 Scheme

As we already discussed the funding of the scheme and the distribution pattern of the scheme. Now let us discuss how this scheme will get its funding with how many instalments.

The funding of the AMRUT 2.0 scheme is distributed in three instalments with a ratio of 20:40:40.

  1. The first instalment will be given to accomplish the mandatory reforms.
  2. The Second instalment will be given only after the implementation of mandatory reforms.

For those who don’t know about the types of reform, I want to tell you that there are majorly two kinds of reforms the first one is mandatory and the second one is incentive reform.

The incentive reforms will be only for:-

  1. Rejuvenation of water bodies in cities.
  2. Reducing non-revenue water to 20% of the cities.
  3. Rainwater harvesting in all institutional buildings.
  4. Reuse 20% of the wastewater to meet cities’ needs.
  5. Reuse 40% of the wastewater to meet industrial needs.
  6. To develop green parks.

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I hope after reading AMRUT 2.0 scheme you will get a lot of knowledge about this scheme and now all your queries get solved. But if you still have any queries then comment to us in the comment box. We dedicated our hours of research to make this particular topic and all the information provided here is genuine and for educational purposes so without any hesitation you can read the blog and share it with your friends and family also.

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