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Today we are going to share how to Check ration card status online in all states. Below are the links to get you to know all of the information related to the ration card. The government of India and food supplies launched this scheme in the year 1997, to give the most of the house needs for just low cost. After all that the government introduce several schemes like applying for white ration cards, pink ration cards different forms of ration cards. In order to get them to know all of the information and track ration card statuses online, you need to follow the different websites that we just mentioned below, this is the sites that have been maintained by the third-party food suppliers in this government of India. In order to track ration card status all you need to get is an acknowledgement number, the acknowledgement number is around 10-15 digits, but we are not sure about that. Once you get the acknowledgement number you can track Below is the information that you are applying for a ration card. You better check it out once, before you need to apply online. In future, we are going to share how to apply for ration cards and ration card application forms and complete the procedure information in your statewide. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Applying For New One

There are several things that you need to keep in mind before you need to apply for a ration card, in order to Check your ration card status you need to have an acknowledgement number that we are already shared above. The conditions that the government of India had released have been that people who are planning to apply for ration cards should their an income below 30k, this information might be updated in future, as might we come to know around 30k and should not possess any government job in the family. If anyone in the family had a government job, 95% chance that you are not eligible for a ration card. The government taking strict rules towards ration cards or ration cards. You need to better focus on the thing that I have shared above. Most of the people in India are corrupting the ration card by submitting duplicate information, these will be the main reason that India is not developing.

Application status and information procedure here, we are requested you to check out this website in order to track ration card status. Almost we cover each of the websites to track ration card status, if you want to apply for a ration card and want to know the information and application procedure for a ration card you better look at the below website. We are not sure that there is not a single form available or a common form to apply, each and every website has been maintained by a different state, so there are almost 28+ food supplies websites to track application form procedures in your state. Most of the information covered by that state is accurate and will be useful for you to track all of the information on that website. Below are the links to track ration card status online in 2015 India.

Checkration Card Status Below Procedure:

Track your application status here, for example, if you want to track your application status in Tamil Nadu, you better look at the Tamilnadu website that we just shared below, after all, you can see a government website, just click on that link to track your status, likewise, Delhi also, if you want to know the status in Delhi, you can search for the Delhi website and click on that website track your ration card status in Delhi also. Below is the complete information that you will get about the ration card. If you want to know more information related to ration cards you better look at this or click here to know more about ration cards in your state in 2015 online.

Below are the states to track ration card status in your state, we are requested you check out those websites so that you will get to know all of the ration card information on those websites. If you have any doubts please do comment here our team will clarify all your doubts asap. Check out the below website, so that you will get an idea.

The below information on states like Andhra Pradesh(ap) and Arunachal Pradesh (ar), you also get most of the information like checking ration card status in Assam (as) and also in Chhattisgarh (ct) and also in goa(ga) .

State Name

Content For card status

Website Name

Andhra Pradesh (AP)
Ration card status online  Andhra   Pradesh 2015

Arunachal Pradesh(AR)
Arunachala Pradesh status ration card online 2015

application procedure in Assam ration 2015

Chhattisgarh 2015 information here to check information 2015

Track in goa with complete information here 2015

As like above we also shared the below information here, you can check it out, so that you will get an idea in Gujarat(gj) and also in Bihar(br) and also in Haryana(hr), and also in Himachal Pradesh as well as Jammu and Kashmir(jk)

State Name

Content  ration card 

Capital city

Website Name

track informationAhmedabad-Gujarat(gj)

application form details in Bihar

Rashan card status online harayana 2015Chandigarh-Haryana(HR)
Himachal Pradesh(HP)rasan card status in himachal prades(hp)
Jammu and Kashmir(jk)Know all of the details of the application hereSrinagar-Jammu(JK)

As like above, you also get all of the information here as follows, in Jharkhand (jh) and also in Karnataka (ka) , and also in Kerala (kl) and also in Madhya Pradesh as well to track your status here, Maharashtra (MH) for details and list of application form procedure. 

State Name


Capital city

Website Name

ration card JharkhandRanchi-Jharkhand(JH)

Karnataka online information here with details of 2015

track your application form procedure hereThiruvananthapuram-Kerala(KL)
Madhya Pradesh(MP)Details of information here and listed in MP
Maharashtra(MH)Ration card online application mhMumbai-Maharashtra(MH)

Below is the information that we are just shared so that you will get an idea in Manipur(mn) also in Meghalaya(ML), and also in Mizoram(mz) and also in as Nagaland(NL) as well as Odisha to track and also in Punjab (pb)

Content Of ration card


Track your application manipur

Track your application in MeghalayaShillong-Meghalaya(ML)

Track your application mizoramAizwal-Mizoram(MZ)

Track your application nagalandKohima-Nagaland(NL)

Track your application OrissaBhubaneswar-Odisha(OR)

Track your application PunjabChandigarh-Punjab(PB)

As like above you also need to get the information here, in Rajasthan (rj) and also in Sikkim (sk) and also track ration card status in Tamilnadu (tn) and also in, Telangana (tg).



Track your application

application form procedure here


Tamil Nadu(TN)
all ration card informationChennai-TamilNadu(TN)

telangana(tg) state information hereHyderabad-Telangana(TG)

As like above you also get most of the information here, to know more about this you also need to check out the website here as in Uttarakhand (ut ), ration card in west Bengal(wb) as well as in Delhi (dl) and also in Puducherry (py) and also in Chandigarh (ch).

StateContent Of


in UT also


West Bengal(WB)
for more information hereKolkata-West Bengal(WB)

track ration card status in Delhi

in Puducherry also ration card

for more information here Andaman Nicobar

form download hereChandigarh(CH)

That’s all.

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