Top Freelancing Websites In Pakistan

Freelancing is a profession which has been gaining popularity in Pakistan in the past few years. Freelancing in  Pakistani Freelancers means earning money online while working from home and having flexible timings. The online work opportunities can be found everywhere, and Freelancers can choose their jobs and projects according to their own terms and conditions.

Some popular freelancing careers in Pakistan:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Logo Designing,
  • Web Development
  • Video Editing

Pakistani Freelancers get opportunities to showcase their talent worldwide through multiple Freelancing websites like Upwork, freelancer, guru, Fiverr etc. Here we will be introducing top 15 Freelancing websites in Pakistan for Freelancers and Employers.

Top Freelancing Websites In Pakistan

1- Upwork

Upwork is one of the biggest freelance marketplace where you can find jobs based on your relevant skills.  It is the largest freelancing website that was founded in 2014. It had more than $1 billion worth of work and more than 13 million registered professional and clients. Upwork offers a wide array of payment methods, including PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill , and Upwork Payment (which is paid directly to Upwork).  Freelancers can work on multiple projects at a time and also get paid for every project they complete. On Upwork, clients post projects, and freelancers apply for those projects by bidding on them. It also allows potential clients to browse for candidates by rates, language, etc.

2- Freelancer is an Pakistani freelance marketplace website where freelancers can sign up for free, and clients can post jobs for freelancers to bid on. Freelancer also offers premium services that allow businesses to advertise their company and find new talent in a variety of different fields such as web design, programming, writing, marketing and more. Freelancer is an established leader in the Freelance industry, with over $US340 million worth of jobs completed.

3- Guru

Guru is a site where users can hire freelancers for various projects from video production to blogging and even graphic design! Guru lists hundreds of thousands of professionals across all disciplines, with millions of individual projects posted on their site. Guru is good for getting regular work and if you’re new to freelancing. This is also a  great way to gain some experience. Freelancers can buy and sell their services through Guru.

4- Fiverr

As Fiverr was launched on 28th of February 2010, Fiverr had only five products that was available for $5. Fiverr became very popular within a short duration of two months because of its concept and business model – users could offer any service they want – whether it’s graphic design or writing, Fiverr would help them to get more than 200 orders each day and local businesses started finding Fiverr very useful as Fiver allows small-scale companies to save time and cost by outsourcing their work to Fiverr sellers.


Fiverr continued to grow as Fiverr now has more than 4 million active users from around the world. Fiverr is a unique online Freelance marketplace where Freelancers sell their Freelancing services starting from $5. Freelancers can choose to offer any service they are good at, starting from writing, logo designing, content writing, website design etc. Freelancers on Fiverr also get opportunities to win projects by bidding the lowest price.

Freelance (For Pakistani freelancers & International freelancers) – Freelance is another unique Freelancing platform where Freelancers can make money by offering part-time jobs for others on this freelancing platform. On freelance, Freelancer offers their pre- fixed time jobs, which are known as ‘gigs’ on freelance.

Behance (Only For Designers)

Freelance designers and Freelancers who are looking for design opportunities can use Behance as Freelancing platform. Freelancers from Pakistan usually offer logo designing, web designing etc. through Behance because of its popularity among clients. Employers post projects on Behance based on freelances bids. Freelancers apply with their relevant bids which are again dependent upon the quality, portfolio and rating score of the Freelancer.


This is one of the best Freelancing websites for low-budget jobs where Freelancers can find cheap jobs easily which they can complete within a short time span. SEOClerks offers wide range of Freelancing services like SEO, SMM etc. Freelancers can find gigs which fit in their budget, and Freelancers also get opportunities to win projects via bidding the lowest bids.

8- Envato (For Graphic Designers & Developers)

Freelance designers who are looking for Graphic designing opportunities can use the Envato as Freelancing platform. Pakistani Freelancers usually offer logo designing, web designing and website development. Through this freelancing platform because of its popularity among clients. Employers post projects on Envato based on freelances bids. Freelancers apply with their relevant bids which are again dependent upon the quality, portfolio and rating score of the Freelancer.

9- PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour was launched in 2007 by Xenios Thrasyvoulou and Paul Salisbury, who both worked as IT consultants at Ernst & Young. Freelancers who are looking for SEO, Web Development and Digital Marketing opportunities can use People Per Hour as Freelancing website.

Freelancers from Pakistan usually offer logo designing, web designing etc. through this freelancing platform because of its popularity among clients. Employers post projects on People Per Hour based on freelances bids. Freelancers apply with their relevant bids which are again dependent upon the quality, portfolio and rating score of the Freelancer. The site offers three main ways to find work that suits your skills and experience:

  • There are filters by industry, job category, and location. If someone is looking for a graphic designer they might filter by “design” under the Creative category and thereby see all the design-related jobs posted on PeoplePerHour.
  • Alternatively, one could simply type “graphic designer” on the search line and see all jobs that matched this description.
  • Using the Advanced Search feature, a user can also drill down into specific details such as salary, contract length, or whether they require skills with Adobe Photoshop.

10- Freelance Zone

Freelance Zone is a unique Freelancing website where Pakistani Freelancers can find projects at very low budget. Freelancer’s bid for project and if employer accepts the bid then Freelancer gets this project to complete within time span. There is separate section on Freelance Zone for Offshore clients as well as Onshore clients. Employers place an ad about their requirements on offshore section by choosing country like Pakistan, Philippines etc., and they get talented freelancers from these countries to complete their projects

11- 99 Designs

99Designs offers people to have their websites, logos and the like designed for them by an online community of graphic designers. It works on a contest model where designers submit designs and then the client chooses their favorite design based on criteria that they input into 99Desings’ system. 99Designs charges clients $199 for this service.

How to Start Freelancing in Pakistan?

It can be difficult to get your first few jobs, and it can be even more challenging if you do not know what you are doing. First, think what kind of project/services did you like most during your school and college days? Maybe an article writer, graphic designer or SEO? What do you feel passionate about? If you’re going to start a freelancing career that’s great, but it also means that there is no one to sell for you, process orders or manage your hours and invoices. This article will show what steps I feel should be taken in the first year to become a successful freelancer. I’m going to divide this into 4 phases:

  • First Month
  • First Six Months
  • First Year

First Month

The first month after becoming a freelancer is very important because this is where you find out about your strengths and weaknesses. This is where you start asking yourself questions like: What was really the main reason why I became a freelancer? Is my business model profitable? Can I become a full-time freelancer? What do I enjoy doing the most as a freelancer? These are just some questions that will pop up during this period. You’ll have to take care of your business and decide which type of client works best for you and how to find them. This is era where you have to  develop your communication skills.

Six Months

During the first six months you become more experienced, you become familiar with your costs and rates, you learn who are your best clients. You’ll become familiar with how much money can be made through which type of projects. And most importantly, this will tell if there is room for expansion or not; whether it makes sense to expand or become more specialized within the field of freelancing.

First Year

This where your freelancing business becomes profitable – this means that you start seeing the fruits of your labor. During this year you become more experienced and familiar with the different aspects of freelancing. You become a pro at finding new clients, negotiating rates and working conditions, and you become an expert at fulfilling orders. This is where you become faster, more reliable and become able to predict the outcome of projects – based on experiences.

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