How To Sell Products On Daraz.pike

How To Sell your Products on

Daraz (Pakistani e-commerce web store) is the  largest e-commerce platforms in South Asia. It offers a variety of products ranging from electronics to fashion apparel & accessories. It is one of the most frequented shopping portals in Pakistan. According to Alexa, it is ranked higher than Amazon and eBay Pakistan. It has a variety of categories, including electronics, clothing, cosmetics, household items, toys for children and much more. Daraz delivers products to all major cities in Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Quetta and every other district of Pakistan.

Now if you are also an entrepreneur who want to sell his products online then is the best option. Daraz gives you the opportunity to sell your products through their website. With over 350 million visits per year and an average order value that is much higher than any other online store in Pakistan (Rs 1,100), It offers a great opportunity for ecommerce entrepreneurs like you to showcase your brand and make sales.

How To Start Selling Products On Daraz

  1. Simply visit and click SIGNUP in the top menu bar
  2. Fill a Seller Registration Form with all the relevant details and submit it.
  3. Activate Seller Account using verification code sent to your Mobile phone or email address.
  4. You’ll receive a confirmation message once the Seller Account is activated successfully.

After Clicking SIGNUP This will automatically lead you to another webpage with four options:  

  1. DarazMall Seller (Best For Licensed Business)
  2. Local Seller (Best For Without a License)
  3. Global Seller (Best For Reach Outside Pakistan)
  4. Digital Good Seller (Best For Digital Products)

Seller Account Options

Note: Seller account can be created by business owners as well as professionals with an aim to sell their locally manufactured items on Daraz platform. Besides small and medium-sized businesses, even freelancers, bloggers and developers interested in earning additional income and becoming microentrepreneurs (shops under Rs 10k turnover per year), can apply for Seller Account on

List & Sell Products

After validating, you can list your product for sale. Daraz has a separate section called Sell where Sellers can upload their Sell Product and make them available for purchase on the Daraz platform. Sellers will need to fill out an online form and upload images of the Sell products they want to sell. If you are selling multiple Sell items, then one Sell listing is required per item sold.

List Your Products On Daraz

Daraz does not allow any illegal Sell activities like selling guns, drugs or military equipment etc. Aas such activities breach laws in many countries around the world where we operate, so it is advisable that you don’t list such items for sale on their wesite.

Sell items are generally reviewed within 48 hours of submission, but Sell may take longer depending on Sell volume. Sellers typically receive an email update when the Sell item goes live on the Sell website. Daraz has several options for sale orders including Cash on delivery and pre-payment and buy now and Order in advance Sell products which you can list in addition to your other Sell information like price & condition etc.

Get Paid by Buyers

To get paid by buyers who purchase your Sell Product from Daraz, all you have to do is provide them with a valid shipping address where they can send the payment to. Most Sell orders sent through Daraz require payment via one of our many secure payment options, such as cash on delivery or online payment

Sell Your Product Through Daraz

Once Sellers have signed up to Sell their Sell Product on Daraz Sell website, they no longer need to bother themselves with the hassle of dealing with potential buyers who contact them directly. Now when anyone clicks on Sell listing, Sell product will appear in a window along with all Sell information. They can then follow a few easy steps and purchase your Sell Product from you. Since Sell orders are sent to the Seller via the Sell system, there is no need for direct communication between Buyer and Seller, which helps keep both parties safe from scammers! Once a Sale has been made by a Buyer, it will be confirmed within 48 hours of successful purchase and payment confirmation.

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