Kusum Free Solar Panel Scheme 2023 – Check Here How You Will Get Free Solar Panel

Kusum Free Solar Panel Scheme is the successfully launched scheme by the Prime minister of our country. As the use of Solar Panel is becoming very necessary in our lives for better options and that also includes affordable electricity for the poor or rural people. This scheme simply going to provide a very basic requirement which we need in our lives to live properly in a comfortable way. As this scheme is a very important scheme for us and can directly be considered as the central government scheme which was launched in the year 2019 to help all the citizens of our country to afford electricity in a proper way.

While under this scheme to directly meet its proper commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement of the year 2015, the central government also aims to achieve a unique target of more than 40 per cent non-fossil fuel by the year 2030 which is a wise plan to work with in simple terms. As there are some policy measures which also have been made by the central government to achieve this goal with the help of this Kusum free solar panel scheme is also one of those which can help our country. As the central government is also going to properly support them through this scheme which can help them understand their problems as well.

While the only objective of the government to start the Kusum-free solar panel scheme is to simply provide major solar pumps and electric power for water to the farmers and to properly increase their income as well as to reduce environmental pollution as well as simply make their farming completely diesel-free. As for the main objective of this scheme is for both the government as well as citizens to provide electricity to small and big farmers through solar panels, especially in the agriculture sector. That will give us two benefits, a water tube will get electricity all the time and farmers will be able to sell the remaining electricity so that they can work properly.

Brief Description of Project

Name of Scheme Kusum Free Solar Panel Scheme
Scheme benefitsFull availability of solar irrigation pumps by the farmers which will reduce the cost of petroleum fuel for them.
ObjectiveTo offers large amount of solar panels to all citizens of our country which will help them to afford electricity properly.

Benefits of Kusum Free Solar Panel Scheme

There are many benefits to this particular scheme as this scheme is very important for everyone, especially for farmers and people related to the agriculture sector. This Kusum Yojna has many other aspects as known as the Kisan Urja Suraksha Evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan (KUSUM) scheme which was launched by the Ministry of Renewable Energy as well as the Government of India. Through this scheme, irrigation or agriculture will be arranged with solar pumps, and electric energy, environmental pollution will be reduced, farming can be made free from diesel, and farmers’ income can also be doubled with the better support of several different solar panels.

Kusum Free Solar Panel Scheme 2023

As the PM Kusum scheme is also mainly focused on farmers which were launched by the central government in the year 2019 and gained a lot of progress till March 2022 as per the written reply of a member in the Lok Sabha. While because of its benefits, this particular scheme also became very successful and popular among the citizens of our country. As the electricity for proper agriculture is highly subsidised as well as very useful and is often termed as the main cause for rapid groundwater depletion which is not very good for all our farmers and simply also follows the poor financial position of Discoms.

This Kusum Free Solar Panel scheme will directly promote decentralised solar power production, and reduce transmission losses for the state governments, this became a very potential way to reduce their subsidy outlay towards irrigation which is different from the scheme will help States meet the RPOs (renewable purchase obligation) targets for proper farming and agriculture. While if farmers are able to sell surplus power, they will be incentivised to save power and, in turn, it will mean the reasonable and efficient use of groundwater which is also considered as the plus point of this scheme.

This Kusum Free Solar Panel scheme can now also simply provide water security to farmers through the provision of assured water sources with the help of different solar water pumps which are both off-grid and grid-connected. While the Farmers will be able to sell the electricity left after their consumption directly to the government. As the main objective of this Pradhan Mantri Solar Panel Yojana is also to get rid of the problem of electricity for all the farmers of the country. While simply empowering them and providing additional options to their income, this scheme will certainly help them a lot in their farming processes.

As it is also true that these benefits are all related to agricultural purposes which is the main motive of this scheme as this Kusum Free Solar Panel scheme can now get another intended benefit of this scheme which will simply result in the expansion of the irrigation cover by providing decentralized solar-based irrigation and moving away from polluting diesel. While there are some issues which we must deal with under this Kusum Free Solar Panel Scheme which is considered as a matter of domestic availability of equipment itself. While pumps are not a challenge for domestic suppliers, the availability of solar pumps is still an issue which must be resolved.

Kusum Free Solar Panel Scheme 2023 Key Highlights

PortalKusum Free Solar Panel Scheme
Launched byCentral Government Scheme
Ministry ControlMinistry of New And Renewable energy
ObjectiveTo provide a large number of solar panels to all citizens of our country which will help them to afford electricity properly.
BenefitsTo promote decentralised solar power production and to simply reduce some major transmission losses.
BeneficiaryIndian Farmers
Official WebsiteClick here

Major Objectives of Kusum Free Solar Panel Scheme

There are some major objectives which we must know before accepting this particular Kusum Free Solar Panel scheme as these schemes play some very important roles in our lives for our own good. As this scheme also contains some major aims as well as objectives which are correctly totally focused on the majority of people who are fully related to agriculture or irrigation purposes. As one of the major objectives of this scheme includes the proper system for controlling the demand for affordable electricity by all citizens in our country especially farmers because of their important responsibility.

While from these objectives this scheme is definitely going to simply support the financial health of Discoms by reducing the burden of subsidy to the agriculture sector. However, due to solar installation, it definitely going to become a more difficult job to upgrade to higher capacity pumps in case the water table falls because you will have to add new solar panels which are a very expensive and necessary part of our lives. Also apart from directly switching to solar power, farmers should also need properly switch over to drip irrigation mode which saves water and power with increased crop output which can help them even more.

As this Kusum Free Solar Panel scheme also focuses on the proper output of electricity which is a very important source in farming as well as agriculture. While also till March 2022, a total of 359462 solar pump standup loans were already approved under this Kusum Free Solar Panel scheme, out of which only 82408 (23%) solar pumps were installed till February 2022 have been done. This also concluded the importance of this scheme in our society as electricity already became a necessary part of our lives in every sector. As you can also read more about this scheme from the official website which we already mentioned above.

Key Features of Kusum Free Solar Panel Scheme

There are certain key features which will ensure some of the profit margins of this particular scheme which is very important to understand properly. This Kusum Free Solar Panel Scheme is also a very important scheme if you talk about the normal circumstances which are to simply provide some affordable electricity to all citizens of our country in a simple way. While this scheme is also considered one of the best schemes if we talk about the advancement in the agriculture sector as well as in other sectors. Also, this scheme includes the consensus between the Centre and States is the key to the success.

Key Features :

  • To provide additional income to farmers is by giving them the option to sell additional power to the grid, through solar power projects set up on their barren lands.
  • For better electricity for agriculture which is highly subsidised and is often termed as the main cause for rapid groundwater depletion and poor financial position of Discoms.
  • To directly support the financial health of Discoms by reducing the burden of subsidy to the agriculture sector.
  • To provide some common affordable electricity for citizens of our country by providing them solar panels.

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You can now easily get all details on different types of schemes that are directly launched by the central government or any other local government for educational purposes for free. As you can visit our official Website Masterpakistan.com for further details and you can now also comment on your request for the particular scheme you want from us.

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