MP Ration Card 2023 Apply Online | Apply Now ! On Samagra Portal 2023

MP Ration Card 2023 Apply Online: How you can easily make a ration Ration Card in your state MP in 2023. The government of MP has started a new portal for ration card registration. This new portal’s name is “Samagra Portal” and it is started by the government for its local citizens of Madhya Pradesh.

MP Ration Card 2023 Apply Online
MP Ration Card 2023

This Samagra Portal is started for those people who don’t have their own ration card and are thinking to apply for the new ration card registration in 2023. Those people can also apply who have ration cards but whose ration card is outdated. All these people can apply for the renewal of their ration card on this portal. They can apply for the ration card by visiting this site.

People who don’t know how to apply for a Ration card in MP can follow the instructions in the article. Through this article, you can be able to apply online for the “MP ration Card 2023” or How to apply for a ration card In “Madhya Pradesh.”

Article topicHow to Apply for ration cards in mp
DepartmentDepartment of food
Application ProcessOnline/Offline
beneficiaryAll eligible person
Official website

If you are a local citizen of Madhya Pradesh then a ration card should always be with you because it’s a very important document of the government and who knows when you needed it.

If you do not have a ration card then you should have to apply it online through the online site. If you do not want to apply then you can also apply online through an offline process. But, I suggest you should have to apply online for an “Mp ration card 2023” because this offline process is very slow and the government is shifting itself toward online processing. That’s why I am suggesting you apply through online processing.

But, If you are facing any issues with online processing then you can go to computer cafes where many people sit and their work is to fill out other forms online from there you can easily get help and apply for the ration card online.

If you have a ration card then you will get a ration according to units which are set by the government for a person.

The Ration which you will get from this card will be given on a per unit basis. It means that if you have 2 members in your ration card then you will get 2 units of ration, 2 units is equal to 10 Kg. Because 1 unit is equal to 5 Kg.

On this basis, every person will get a 15 kg Ration every month if he has registered with 3 members on his ration card.

For all those people of MP who don’t have ration cards yet, all those persons can have the option to apply online for a ration card and get their ration card in their hand in under 14 to 20 days. Now, You just have to read all the below procedures to apply for a ration card online.

How to apply for a Ration card online?

All the things which are written under the points are very easy steps you just have to read the instructions.

  • The very first and basic thing you should have an internet connection in the device through which you are applying.
  • Now turn on the internet connection. If you do not have a connection then you can also take a connection from someone through the hotspot.
  • First, you should have to visit the official ration card website of the MP Government i.e, “Samagra portal“. The link to the official site is present in the next point.
  • After clicking on the link you will get n the next web page where you will be asked to make a Samagra id first.
  • For making the Samagra id it will ask you to give your mobile no. and your email to it and it will automatically create your Samagra id. Now, you can use this id for further proceedings in between this process.
  • After making this id now you should have to add the other members of your family to this id. After this, you have to visit the BPL family card registration website.
  • Now you will see a link on your screen this link’s name is “Samagra Bpl family online apply”.
  • Now click on this link, After this, you will see a new page will open on this page you will a box on which it’s written that write your Samagra id. After, this step, you have to fill up the captcha code in the box.
  • After this, you have to click on the go button.
  • Now you will see a message will appear on your screen, in the message, it’s written that “do you want to apply for BPL?”
  • After this, you have to tick the empty box below. A new screen will appear on which you will see the Mp ration card application on your screen.
  • Now in the open application, you have to type or fill in the name of the main head member of your family.
  • In this application, you have to fill in some important and easy information regarding the family head member. Details like- mobile no. Study qualification.
  • After filling the all the necessary details regarding the application. Now just check all the details in the application. Once again.
  • Now after completing all this click on the upload document button.
  • Now you have to upload all the necessary documents in digital format.
  • After completing all the above steps, with multiple crossings check all the details. Now you reached this last step.
  • In this step, you will see a submit button on the computer screen. So, just you have to click on the submit button.

After doing all this stuff of steps, your MP application procedure will be completed. Now you just have to wait for 15 to 20 days. Your ration card will be made and approved by all authorities between this 15 to 20 days time period.

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How to apply offline for MP ration Card 2023?

Many people in our country are not known the term internet. So, applying for any application online it’s very new for all of them. So, for all those people who are living in Madhya Pradesh who are having problems understanding this online process, they do not need to worry. I have mentioned a few points regarding the offline procedure of the ration card. You can also read this one Below.

Through this offline process, you can apply for the Mp ration card.

  • For making ration cards through the offline procedure you should have proper well-organised photocopies of your important documents.
  • Now, With all these photocopies of your document, you should have to go to the Tehsil or block of your area.
  • After reaching the tehsil or block you have to take an MP ration card 2023 application from the block officer.
  • Now, after getting the form you should have to fill in all the necessary details in the form.
  • Now attach all of your documents important to this form.
  • Now submit this form to the tehsil office worker with the fees in it.
  • After all this big procedure you should have to relax and all of your documents are first verified by the tehsil officer then after this your ration card will be made or issued.

Now, after getting Ration Card you will get a ration after 1 to 2 months from the nearest shop government in your town.

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What documents are required for a ration card in 2023?

Only people or citizens of Mp state can apply for this Mp ration card not anyone can apply for this Mp ration card in 2023.

List of Documents which are required by you.

  • Adhaar Card photocopy
  • Phone No.
  • Email-ID
  • Samagran Id
  • Residence certificate
  • Photocopy of other family members’ Adhaar cards.
  • A coloured photograph of passport size.

These all are the important documents which are required by you all for all of your further processing.

This is all from our side, We try to give you full information about the “MP ration card 2023“. In this article, we have given you a full information guide about how to apply for a ration card in MP. If you have any queries about the ration card then you can ask us through the comment box.


Who is eligible for APL ration card in MP?

People of MP who have an annual income of more than 10,000 are eligible for APL Ration Card. All of these people will get the benefit of an APL ration card.

How much rice is given in 1 unit?

5kg of Rice is given to everyone who is eligible for a ration card.

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