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Qala Movie Watch Online — Qala movie is the upcoming movie based on the story which is set in the 1930s and late 1940s. As the movie is directed by Anvita Dutt Guptan and going to be very popular due to its special and unique drama story. While the movie is produced by Kamesh Sharma and going to become a success in just a few days. As there is many of information present on the internet about this specific movie which is starring our main character Triptii Dimri.

The story revolves around a young and eponymous playback singer played by Tripti Dimri and is based on his tragic past which you must watch on the legal platform to learn more about it. While for those people who want to watch this movie on the first day of its release can visit Netflix as this movie is only going to release on that platform. The story of this movie is very unique and will be going to love the movie based on a very basic story.

Qala Movie Release Date

Netflix announced on its Twitter account that a new drama, as well as a thriller project, is going to release the next month, only on Netflix. While the release date of that specific project is also officially released by the Netflix account on that same post. The upcoming project which is known as Qala is going to be a unique and best project of Netflix this year. The official release date of this particular Qala project is also announced which is December 1, 2022, only on Netflix.

While in this post we are going to talk about Netflix’s upcoming and most-awaited supernatural thriller project Qala, which will be going to be released soon on this same platform for all of their fans around the world. As this upcoming Netflix film is going to release with a unique cast that is filled with some skilled and talented actors. As the movie’s story is also very exciting to watch with everyone to learn more about this part of our main character.

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Qala Movie Cast

Qala is the upcoming Netflix movie that is going to be released very soon next month, which is based on a very tragic past story of one of the most popular young playback singers of all time. As this special thriller film, Netflix has a very talented star cast and this film will also be going to mark the acting debut of legendary actor Irrfan Khan’s son Babil Khan, who lost his father in the year 2020, due to a deadly neuroendocrine tumor.

While one of the most famous actresses as Tripti Dimri made her debut in the movie ‘Poster Boys’ on the year 2017. As she is going to play the role of our main character, who is a playback singer with a tragic past. Qala movie will also feature Swastika Mukherjee in the key role, as she simply works in Bengali films and made her Bollywood debut in the year 2008. These are the name of the key characters from this film which is going to be released next month this year.

Qala Movie Story

This upcoming Qala movie is set in the 1930s and late 1940s and the full story of this film is based on a young, eponymous playback singer played by Tripti Dimri and the whole story is about her very tragic past. As you can see she struggles in several ways which catches up with her as well as causing her to unravel at the peak of her hard work and winning situation while facing several problems.

While she also needs to face several problems with her mother who is played by Swastika Mukherjee, which is going in a circular direction as well she needs to face some of the personal issues which always come into action along with her career which to become a playback singer. As she also has a tragic past which you can learn by watching the official movie which is going to be released only on Netflix next month with your family and friends.

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Qala Movie trailer

The official Qala movie trailer is already released by the official Netflix account and this particular trailer leaves several of its fans in the Mystery of this unique type of psychological and thriller story which is very complicated because of the arrival of her past, as she needs to face several consequences because of that specific career option in her life. While this trailer also confirms the basic story plot of this movie which is going to be released on Netflix.

As the trailer was already released on November 15, 2022, which simply crossed more than expected views in just a few days. As the total counting of views is already more than 3.5 million with a total of 39k up until now. Qala movie teaser was also released by the official Netflix India account in its original Hindi language which also confirmed many other things such as the director and producer of the Qala movie. The official trailer of the movie Qala is:

Qala Movie Where to watch

You can only able to watch this upcoming movie after December 1, 2022, as this date is its original initial release date. Those people who want to watch this movie with their friends and family can watch this movie on a single platform. Netflix officially confirmed that this Qala movie is going to be the next thriller genre blockbuster and was only available on the Netflix OTT platform.

You need to subscribe to your Netflix account to properly access the full content of that specific Netflix platform which is filled with a huge number of movies as well as web series of different types. As this upcoming movie is also going to the part of them and you can only access this movie after its official release date.

Qala Movie Netflix Online

You can also get this movie online through your Netflix account which you can also access online, without even downloading the available app on Google Play Store or app store for several mobile users. Just like this movie you can access other movies as well as web series such as Sixer web series download. While many people who want to watch this movie specific movie on a laptop or computer can also watch this movie through Netflix online by using their own subscribed account, as this movie is only going to be released on Netflix.

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Qala Movie 2022 Leaked Online

Many websites can spread leaked content on the very first day of the official Netflix release of this Qala movie 2022, which you can also download in multiple resolutions and your preferred languages. As these websites used piracy as their main medium to provide several web series and movies, which you must avoid at any cost because they usually do not follow several government guidelines. While this movie is the next blockbuster you must watch it to learn about the whole story of this movie.

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Qala Movie Rating

As the movie rating is already crossed the expected result and became one of the most anticipated movies only on Netflix. As we also know that Netflix originally announced this Qala movie way back on April 10, 2021, through a nearly one-minute-long behind-the-scene video, which also confirms the talented cast and crew present in this movie.

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Qala Movie Producers, Shooting Details

As the production of this specific movie is done by Clean Slate Filmz which is one of the popular production companies and the officially released information about this movie confirms that the producer of this Qala movie is Karnesh Sharma who is one of the most popular producers of all time. As this movie is also directed and written by Anvita Dutt and became very popular because of this movie. While Netflix already released the teaser as well as its first trailer recently which confirms all about the shooting details for this movie.

Qala Movie

Qala Movie Music, Cinematography & Others

As the story is set around the late 1930s and 1940s which also confirms the music which is used in this movie and the official music director of this movie is Amit Trivedi. While the cinematography is also amazing because of its storyline which is not around this new era and from some of the reports the official Cinematographer for this Qala movie is Siddharth Diwan. While Netflix already released several behind scenes which also confirm the music and songs which are present in this movie, which you can watch from its official YouTube channel.


What is the release date of Qala Movie?

The initial release date of this upcoming Qala movie is December 1, 2022, in the official Hindi language on Netflix.

Is Qala a movie or a web series?

Qala is an upcoming supernatural thriller movie that is only going to be released officially on the Netflix platform for everyone.


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