RAMP Scheme Big Updates 2023 With New Feature By the Indian Government

RAMP Scheme is the newly launched scheme which is directly launched by the government with some very important aims and objectives. As this scheme becomes a very specific as well as a necessary topic for all those people who are related to this scheme. While this scheme was specially launched to simply maintain and improve the access to the market as well as credit. As this scheme was also directly announced by the finance minister of our country in the Union Budget 2022-23.

As this newly released scheme already became part of our government in order to properly improve the sector related to the objectives of this scheme. While it is also true that this particular scheme is a directly World Bank-assisted Central Sector Scheme, which also directly supports various CoronaVirus diseases in the year 2019. Through this scheme, our government also trying to properly strengthen some of the institutions as well as the governance at the Centre and State levels.

The full form of this newly released RAMP Scheme is Raising and Accelerating MSME Performance which directly responds to the increasing segment of the MSME performance on a very large level. As this particular RAMP scheme is also directly under some of the big personalities that can help all those members present in this scheme. As this scheme is in line with the proper recommendations made by U K Sinha CommitteeKV Kamath Committee, and Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (PMEAC). While this scheme was launched this year 2022 under the Ministry of MSME with the association of the World Bank.

Brief Description of Project

Name of Scheme RAMP Scheme (Raising and Accelerating MSME Performance)
Scheme benefitsSimply raise or uplift the MSME performance at a greater rate.
ObjectiveTo create certain bodies as well as communities in order to take full responsibility for this MSME sector of government.

Table of Contents

  1. Aims of the RAMP Scheme
  2. Outlay and Duration of RAMP Scheme
  3. RAMP Scheme 2023 Key Highlights
  4. Key Features of the RAMP scheme
  5. Benefits of RAMP Scheme for MSMEs
    1. Other Schemes :
  6. Conclusion

Aims of the RAMP Scheme

Recently, the main Union Cabinet directly approved this (RAMP) Raising and Accelerating MSME Performance scheme which would commence in the year 2022-23. As this particular scheme also has some very important aims which we are going to discuss in this paragraph, which directly fall under the sector of MSME performance. Also with the help of this RAMP scheme, those bodies can now easily help and come under the support of this scheme to easily increase the performance as well as the speed of the MSME sector of the government which was also being affected by the Coronavirus in the last few years.

RAMP Scheme

The main aims of this newly released scheme also directly come under the recommendation of some of the best and most important communities which are very supportive of the particular ministry of the MSME sector. While the Reserve Bank of India already had constituted a well-expert and reliable community on this Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) program under the Chairmanship of Shri U K Sinha in 2019 to suggest long-term measures for the economic and financial sustainability of the MSME sector.

While these sectors also support the union ministry as well as the government because of the high performance of this scheme which is now in phase 1 of achieving large goals and objectives which are limited to the MSME sector. While these aims which are the main points of this particular scheme also simply adjust the priority of this scheme which is an important source to gain large performance simply by dividing the sectors into different bodies and communities. These are some major aims of this RAMP scheme which are :

  • Improving access to the market and credit
  • Strengthening institutions and governance at the Centre and State
  • Improving Centre-State linkages and partnerships
  • Addressing issues of delayed payments and greening of MSMEs

Outlay and Duration of RAMP Scheme

The total outlay for the scheme is around Rs. 6,062.45 crore which directly came under the ministry of MSME in order to maintain the whole result of this scheme over large bodies. From that amount of money Rs. 3750 crores would be a loan from the World Bank which is the second association member of the launching community Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME), and the remaining Rs. 2312.45 crores would be funded by the central government, which can simply be considered as one of the best and the successful project in which MSME sector of the government is going to became a better body.

RAMP Scheme 2023 Key Highlights

PortalRAMP ( Raising and Accelerating MSME Performance scheme )
Launched byCentral government scheme
Ministry ControlMinistry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME )
Year2022 – 23
ObjectiveTo create certain bodies as well as communities in order to take full responsibility for this MSME sector of our government.
BenefitsTo increase the performance to greater heights of the MSME sector of our government
Official WebsiteClick Here

Key Features of the RAMP scheme

There are certain key features of this particular scheme that we must know before visiting the official website for this particular scheme. As those key features not only help the government but also became a necessary requirement for us. The main goal of this scheme is already stated by the launcher of this particular scheme which must be very clear to the reader of this post. As these key features also mentioned some other things which might be required by everyone to successfully use this RAMP scheme under the Ministry of MSME support by the initial government which was affected by Coronavirus in the last few years.

As for all those key features of this particular RAMP scheme are :

1. Preparation of Strategic Investment Plans (SIPs), to which all states/UTs will be invited.

2. The overall monitoring and policy overview of RAMP would be done by an apex National MSME Council which is headed by the Ministry of MSME.

3. Funds would flow through RAMP into the Ministry’s budget against Disbursement Linked Indicators (DLIs)

4. The disbursement of funds from the World Bank towards RAMP would be made by fulfilling the following Disbursement Linked Indicators:

  • Implementing the National MSME Reform Agenda
  • Accelerating MSME Sector Centre-State collaboration
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of the Technology Upgradation Scheme (CLCS-TUS)
  • Strengthening Receivable Financing Market for MSMEs
  • Enhancing Effectiveness of Credit Guarantee Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises (CGTMSE) and “Greening and Gender” delivery
  • Reducing the incidence of delayed payments

These key features always became important methods of accessing the scheme such as this RAMP scheme which is always considered one of the best schemes to know more about the MSME sector of our country. As the whole council will simply be headed by the Minister for MSME, which also directly includes representation from various Ministries and is supported by a secretariat.

While the SIPs would now also easily include a better outreach plan for the simpler identification as well as proper or reliable mobilization of MSMEs under RAMP, which identify key constraints and gaps, by directly setting the various milestones and projects which are considered as required budgets for interventions in priority sectors including renewable energy, rural & non-farm business, wholesale and retail trade, village and cottage industries. As these things make this RAMP scheme one of the better schemes which are going to be successful under the proper guidance of the government.

Benefits of RAMP Scheme for MSMEs

1. Address Challenges in the MSME Sector

  • Through this particular RAMP program, the government can now easily address the generic and Covid related challenges in the major MSME sector simply by participating in those challenges which are by way of impact enhancement of older or existing MSME schemes, mostly which came directly under the ministry on the proper competitiveness front.

2. Address inadequately Addressed Blocks in MSME

  • This RAMP scheme program is also considered as a bolster in the inadequate which are simply addressed blocks of capacity building, handholding, skill development, quality enrichment, technological upgradation, digitization, outreach, and marketing promotion, amongst other things for better performance.

3. Generate Employment

  • With this RAMP program and through some of the various enhanced collaborations with States as well as Central departments, there will be a proper job-enabler, market promoter, and finance facilitator, and will support vulnerable sections and greening initiatives to better support the government in their upcoming projects.

4. Usher in Larger Formalization

  • For all those areas which do not know must about the MSMEs or those states where the presence of MSMEs is on the low side, then that specific program will simply usher in quite a larger formalization that will simply be going to result in a higher impact of the different specific schemes that are directly covered under this RAMP scheme. While the SIPs are also developed by these States which would act as a roadmap for the development of an improved and better MSME sector.

5. Complement the Atmanirbhar Bharat Mission

  • RAMP scheme is the newly listed scheme which was directly launched by the Ministry of MSME for their better support and performance and which will complement the AtmanNirbhar Bharat mission by fully fostering some of the best innovation and enhancement in whole industry standards, and practices and which would provide them with some necessary technical inputs to the MSMEs built for a better experience in future, which is more than enough for them.

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I hope after reading a lot of things about this SMILE scheme you will get a lot of knowledge and all your queries regarding this scheme are now get solved. But if you still have any queries regarding this scheme then without any hesitation ask us in the comment box given below. We gave hours of research and dedication to make this particular scheme so it is full of informational and educational types.

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