Saksham Aganwadi & Poshan Scheme These Pregnant Women Will Get Benefit in 2023 Year

Hello, readers welcome back to our blog today we are going to discuss one of the important schemes which the government has launched for the welfare of the people of India.

There are very plans and government schemes which are running for the nourishment of women, children, and adolescent girls. Under this Saksham Aganwadi & Poshan Scheme, all the other running schemes get converge into this scheme. So you can call this scheme the convergence of the pre-existing schemes.

If we talk about the women and the children population in a country like India then they together (children and women) totally contribute to the two-third population of India. As the ratio is quite good to focus on them can also help our country to grow.

Brief Description of Project

Name of SchemeSaksham Aganwadi & Poshan Scheme
Scheme BenefitsEvery lactating woman, adolescent girl, and child.
ObjectiveTo provide a nutritious diet to lactating women, adolescent girls, and children.

Saksham Aganwadi & Poshan Scheme

See if the woman who is pregnant will not get proper nourishment and a healthy environment then the baby she will deliver is also not properly nourished and the baby’s growth will also get affected by her.

So now the hindrance will occur in the mental and physical growth of the child. When these children will grow he/she doesn’t have a proper livelihood due to which the way they will function also gets disturbed and also their skillset will also be affected by the nature of the body which is not suitable to adopt the change or another skill.

If this child is a male then he will also not fulfill the requirement of his family y and also not of his wife and then his wife again does not meet with proper requirements during pregnancy hence again the same case will happen and the cycle will keep on going. So it become very important for the Indian government to focus on the women and the child population if they want to make India a better country.

So keeping the above things in mind our honorable Indian government launched this Saksham Aganwadi & Poshan Scheme. Because it is very important for the nourishment of the children and the women.

Saksham Aganwadi & Poshan Scheme 2022 Key Highlights

PortalSaksham Aganwadi & Poshan Scheme
Launched byCentral government scheme
Ministry ControlMinistry of Women and Child Development
ObjectiveTo provide a nutritious diet to lactating women, adolescent girls, and children
BenefitsAll the children, lactating women, and girls will get the required things.
BeneficiaryEvery lactating woman, adolescent girl, and child.
Official WebsiteClick Here

Launch Year and Ministry of the Scheme

Saksham Aganwadi & Poshan Scheme was launched in the financial year 2021-22 (FY-2021-22). Though the scheme is related to health development still it falls under the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

Sub-schemes under Saksham Aganwadi & Poshan Scheme

This Saksham Aganwadi & Poshan Scheme is the restructuring of the previously existing sub-schemes which we are going to learn about below,

  1. Integrated Child Development Service (ICDS) – It is a child development scheme that also falls under the mission of Vatsalya.
  2. Poshan Abhiyan
  3. Scheme for Adolescent Girls
  4. National Creche Scheme

Aim of Saksham Aganwadi & Poshan Scheme

The main aim of the Saksham Aganwadi & Poshan Scheme is to address the challenging situation that currently India is facing with malnutrition among children up to the age of 6 years, adolescent girls (14-18 years), and pregnant and lactating women.

Type of the Scheme

Saksham Aganwadi & Poshan Scheme is the Centrally sponsored scheme that clearly states that hte funding will be distributed between the Centre and the State and the ratio of different parts is given below,

  1. For the Normal States, the ratio is 60:40 means that 60% of funding will be allocated by the Central government and the remaining 40% will be allocated by the State government.
  2. For North-Eastern states, the ratio is 90:10 means that 90% of the funding will be allocated be the Central government and the remaining 10% will be allocated by the State government.
  3. For union territories, the whole funding means 100% is given by the central government.

Total Budget of the Saksham Aganwadi & Poshan Scheme

The outlay of the total budget of this scheme is about 1,81,703 crores and this budget also included the budget of Poshan Abhiyan. The budget of 1,81,703 crore is distributed between the center and the state (For the Centre it is 1,02,031 crore rupees and for State, it is 79,672 crore rupees).

The objective of the Saksham Aganwadi & Poshan Scheme

The objectives of this scheme are quite basic and now let’s discuss them one by one,

  1. To contribute to Human capital development

One of the main objectives of this scheme is to contribute to the human capital development for the country which means taking care of the human resources in India, improving the capacity, and improving performance.

  1. Addressing and managing the malnutrition which India is currently facing.
  2. Promoting nutrition awareness and good eating habits for sustainable health and well-being.
  3. To address the nutritional-related deficiencies through key strategies.
  4. AYUSH system will be integrated under Poshan 2.0 for wellness and nourishment.

A vision of the Saksham Aganwadi & Poshan Scheme

Whenever a scheme gets launched it is launched with certain objectives, aims, and vision. As we already discuss the aim and objective of this scheme so now its time to discuss the vision of this scheme,

  1. Creation of the Convergent ecosystem

All schemes are in the sink in that one scheme is in accordance with the other scheme to fulfill the higher targets. This scheme has the vision to develop and promote the practices that nurture the health, wellness, and immunity of lactating mothers, children of age group 6-23, and adolescent girls of age 16-18 years.

  1. Focus on providing proper nutrition

This scheme also has the vision to provide maternal nutrition during the pregnancy, to the infant and young child feeding norms, and the treatment of the MAM and SAM and wellness through AYUSH.

Note: MAM stands for Moderate Acute Malnutrition and SAM stands for Severe Acute Malnutrition.

  1. Pillars of the Scheme

This scheme stands on the pillar of Convergence (which means the convergence of many schemes), Governance, and Capacity Building (for the Aganwadi workers as these are the ones who act as a mediator between the government and the beneficiaries).

Saksham Aganwadi & Poshan Scheme

Components of the Scheme

  1. Supplementary Nutrition Programme

The government will provide nutrition support for Roshan through this component of the scheme for children of the age group of 6 months to 6 years, pregnant women, and lactating mothers.

:- For Adolescent Girls in the age group of 14-18 years in Aspirational Districts and the North Eastern Region (NER).

  1. Early Childhood Care and Education (3-6 years) and early stimulation (0-3 years).
  2. Anganwadi Infrastructure includes modern and upgraded Sakshan Aganwadi.
  3. Poshan Abhiyan is the last component of the scheme.

What is Saksham Anganwadi?

Sakhsham Anganwadi means the upgradation of the infrastructure and the facilities which the government is providing. Under Saksham Anganwadi, 2 lakh rupees at the rate of 40,000 thousand per year shall be strengthened and upgraded across the country. Poshan Vatika means giving water and planting plants in the garden areas. Another thing is to install the types of equipment for rainwater harvesting to fulfill the tagline to catch rainwater.

Salient Feature of the Saksham Aganwadi & Poshan Scheme

There are many features of this scheme and we are going to discuss them below, and I hope you are getting more interest in our blog so keep reading,

  1. Technical support for scheme implementation will be extended by the Ministry of AYUSH.
  2. Promotion of the use of jaggery because it is full of iron, fortification of the food, and also the use of ingredients which has a high amount of energy content in a small intake. These all things must be used by the lactating mother, adolescent girls, and the child also for the proper development of the body at physical and mental levels.
  3. Another important feature of this scheme is to promote Adhaar seeding beneficiaries which mean the Adhaar Card of the beneficiary must be linked so that proper tracking of the lactating mothers and pregnant mothers and also to know whether the benefits are used by them or not.
  4. Also to achieve Sustainable Development Goals SDG – 2 on Zero Hunger and SDG 4 on quality education. As this scheme is not only headed by one ministry or this scheme doesn’t have any one or two components, there are many ministries involved in this particular scheme and many components are featured in this scheme. As this scheme under Anganwadu also aims to provide basic education to the beneficiaries and also to take care of children and lactating women.

Poshan Tracker App

The Poshan Tracker app is a government application launched by the central government. With the use of this app, the government can calculate and track the beneficiaries’ needs and the number of beneficiaries and also whether the beneficiary is getting the benefits or not. The app also tracks the number of baby deliveries done and other complete benefits measurements for pregnant women, children, and lactating women. The app also contains information about the migrating details of the beneficiary. The Poshan Tracker App has 6 categories of benefits,

  1. Pregnant Women
  2. Lactating Women
  3. Children From 0-6 months
  4. Children from 6 months to 3 years
  5. Children from 3 years to 6 years
  6. Adolescent Girls

If any beneficiary is not getting the benefits of the Saksham Aganwadi & Poshan Scheme then he/she can fill out the Grievance Redressal Forum through the Poshan Tracker App or Website then within 48 hours, the problem gets solved how fast this service is performing now.

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I hope after reading a lot of things about the Saksham Aganwadi & Poshan Scheme you will now get sufficient knowledge related to this scheme also all your queries brought up related to this topic now get solved, We dedicated our hours of research to make one particular scheme and our team tries to provide the perfect and genuine information regarding the scheme. But if you still have any query related to Saksham Aganwadi & Poshan Scheme then without any hesitation ask us in the comment box given below which is specially designed for you and we will try to solve your query as soon as possible.

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