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Today we are going to talk about a very important scheme launched recently and the scheme is the Scheme of Fund for Upgradation and Regeneration of Traditional Industries. We will know that India is rich in traditional industries as people still believe in the art of hand or doing things manually rather than using a machine. But due to this reason we lack in many things like the production on large scale and to solve this problem government of India launched this scheme and start focusing to upgrade both the thought process and technology regarding traditional industries.

Brief Description of Project

Name of SchemeScheme of Fund for Upgradation and Regeneration of Traditional Industries (SFURTI)
Scheme BenefitsLocal artists will get proper knowledge and financial support.
ObjectiveTo help the artist to upgrade their skills and businesses.

Table of Contents

  1. What is the SFURTI scheme?
  2. What are Traditional Industries?
  3. Scheme of Fund for Upgradation and Regeneration of Traditional Industries (SFURTI) 2022 Key Highlights
  4. Reason for launching the SFURTI scheme
  5. Launch Year and Ministry of SFURTI scheme
  6. Aim of the SFURTI scheme
  7. Institutional Arrangement
  8. Criteria for the selection of cluster
  9. Objectives of the SFURTI scheme
  10. Other Government Scheme
  11. Key Feature of thee SFURTI
  12. Financial Assistance
  13. Conclusion

What is the SFURTI scheme?

SFURTI scheme is basically the scheme for the local artists who own small business or the group of artist who runs traditional business and runs their enterprise with the use of old techniques. SFURTI scheme focuses to regenerate and upgrade these traditional methods and industries by providing them with proper machinery.

Now before talking more about the scheme let’s take a look at the traditional industries because the whole scheme is related to the upgradation and regeneration of the traditional industries.

What are Traditional Industries?

Traditional industries are those in which the work is mainly done by handicraft persons who made beautiful things and do carvings. Some the examples like the small statues of gods & goddesses, the tension of clay, decorative objects, etc. In traditional industries, the craftsmen use the raw material present in the local market, they have mainly traditional skills which they have learned from their ancestors, and also the technologies they uses are local in nature not of any modern technology or other. The industries that lie in this category are the Trranditiional industries and the product that lies in this category are the traditional industrial products.

This basically provides huge employment to many people who are living in the rural area or backward regions and also act as a source of income to tee many families because in those regions the bi industries are not established still and the market in those regions are not well mannered and full of goods.

Scheme of Fund for Upgradation and Regeneration of Traditional Industries (SFURTI) 2022 Key Highlights

PortalScheme of Fund for Upgradation and Regeneration of Traditional Industries (SFURTI)
Launched byCentral government scheme
Ministry ControlMinistry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise
ObjectiveTo help the artist to upgrade their skills and businesses.
BenefitsLocal artists will get proper knowledge and financial support.
BeneficiaryAll the artisans of rural areas or backward classes.
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Reason for launching the SFURTI scheme

The government want to upgrade the technologies used in these industries, want to regenerate with better facilities, skill development and many other things. Due to this value addition will be done in the products, the production rate will increase, time consumption will decrease, and they will get more money from the product.

Launch Year and Ministry of SFURTI scheme

The launch year of this SFURTI scheme was 2005 and it is regulated by the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise because the traditional businesses are regulated by some groups, by joint families, small families or even by a single person.

Aim of the SFURTI scheme

As every scheme comes with a definite aim and objective to full fill during the active period of te scheme. So now let’s discuss the aims of the SFURTI scheme,

  1. To formulise the traditional industries

One of the primary aims of the government behind launching this scheme is to organise and formulise the traditional industries and the artisans also. As many traditional industries hire 4-5 artisans and this is a very small scale and hence government decided under this scheme to make the clusters of these artisans so that production can increase. Once the production will increase the products will be exported to different states and even different countries and the profit will increase automatically.

  1. To make them competitive

Also when the clusters will form and the scale will be done then the competition between the locals will increase hence the overall development occurs and the products will be available on a large scale.

  1. Providing support

Whenever a business starts then there are many challenges which it has to suffer from and one of the big challenges is to make the business sustainable as many businesses do not sustain for more than 6 months of its starting day. So the government also decided to support these traditional industries to make them long-term sustainable by providing them with infrastructure support, capacity building of them, etc.

Also by providing these kinds of support these traditional businesses also compete with the big business and many of them fail.


Institutional Arrangement

At a different levels, there are different institutional arrangements which are going to work and these institutions are described below,

  1. Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is at the national level and headed by the Ministry of secretary of the Ministry of MSME. The basic work of the steering committee is to approve the clusters in the local regions or in the rural areas for these traditional businesses. This committee looks at the work of artists and tries to make some of them in the clusters and also have the authority to approve the artesian if they are legitimate.

  1. Nodal Agency
  2. Technical Agency

The technical agencies are the government agencies or the private ones which will provide the technical support including the machinery advancement to the artisans.

  1. Implementing Agency

Implementing Agency mainly works at the ground level and will implement all the things that are mentioned under this SFURTI scheme. So here I want to tell you some important things about implementing agencies there is no guarantee whether the implementing agency will be government or not. It can be of any type including NGO, a private firm, etc.

The implementing agency also proposes to the steering committee that it has checked certain handcraft artisans and they can join as the clusters. Once the steering committee approved the cluster the implementing agency worked on that cluster.

Note: There will only be one implementing agency for one cluster or traditional business.

Criteria for the selection of cluster

  1. The selection of the cluster will be based on their geographical concentrations like the region where the cluster is living, and the population of that area, and to form a cluster it shouldd contain 500 beneficiary families.
  2. At least 10% of the area is in the Norh-East region.

Objectives of the SFURTI scheme

  1. The main objective of the SFURTI scheme is to provide sustained employment to traditional industry artists and you can also say the rural entrepreneur.
  2. Under this scheme, modern techniques, financial support and other things are provided to the clusters so overall the value of the product will increase due to which the marketability of the product will increase in the particular clusters.
  3. To provide all the necessary benefits and products to the clusters which are necessary for the products as well as for the artists.
  4. It is also the objective of the scheme to make the participation of the stakeholders or public-private partnership in the skill or technology development of the traditional industries.
  5. Also to set up the multi-cluster product with integrated value chain t\so that they can provide various ranges. For example, from coir, multiple products can be formed instead of just one due to which the profit of the industry will increase and with this, they can approach more people in the market.

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Key Feature of thee SFURTI

One of the best key features of SFURTI is that it contains all three types of intervention

  1. Soft Intervention

This intervention includes promoting awareness among people about the skills that require in a particular work and also aware people of the opportunities they can have in a particular field.

  1. Hard Intervention

It includes providing them with the infrastructure like proper tools, storage facilities, etc and in this intervention, they can utilise the product physically.

Note: The main difference between the soft intervention and hard intervention is that in soft we are talking about the product verbally but in hard we are talking about the physical techniques of the products.

  1. Thematic Inntervention

Under this intervention, we are mainly talking about the post-production techniques of the product like marketing the product.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance of the SFURTI scheme is given in two ways,

  1. Regular Cluster

Regular clusters including 500 artisans get financial assistance up to 2.5 crore rupees from the government.

  1. Major Cluster

The major cluster includes artists over 500 where governments provide assistance up to 5 crore rupees.


After reading many things about the SFURTI scheme I hope you will get a lot of knowledge regarding this scheme. May all your queries which you brought with this scheme are now get completely solved as we have put hours of effort to make this article full of knowledge only for you. But if you still have any doubts then without any hesitation please ask in the comment box that is specially designed for you and we will try to give the answer to your question as soon as possible. Your queries are important for us and also for the next reader.

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