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Hi friend hello to everyone, today I am here for you with some interesting articles. The movie article is many presents on the internet, so why the article? Because this article provides you full information to you about new movies. The movies are performing well in the cinema or not. The budget of the movie, the cast of the movie all the things being covered in this article.

In this article, we will talk about the new movie Thank God. This movie is recently released. This movie performed well in the cinema. The audience is loving it and but it doesn’t attract enough audience to the cinemas. Thank god can perform well in the cinemas. This movie is the official remake of “the Danish film Sorte Kulgar”. The story of the movie is quite interesting and the movie at every scene provides a message to its audience. The audience is not so much attracted by the movie.

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The film’s story is quite simple and easy to understand to the audience. This movie has enough to deliver on the cinema and attract its audience. The audience is not coming to the cinema to watch the film. Even though the movie has all the things right but nothing works for the movie.

The movie has a very high profile or expensive cast members like – Ajay Devgan, Siddarth Malhotra, Rakul Preet Singh and Nora Fatehi are also present in one scene of the movie. Nora also did one song in the movie. The movie is based on the karma of humans. It tells one that all good and bad deeds all are counted by god on the basis of this they will give punishment like this one. This is all about the movie intro story in this article. The movie is to release on the ott platform.

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Movie story in brief: The movie is about a real estate broker who is greedy. He collects a lot of black money and thinks that he will become richer in this way. At that moment old notes have banned by the government. This demonetization gave him a great setback. He suffered a great loss in the business. This gave him a great set back and he started selling all his property.

In the end, he tries to sell his house. His house is the only hope for him because if he does not sell him at the amount of 15 Cr then he will not able to pay his loans. In between this journey, he hurts a lot of people. In the past, he also did something wrong which hurt someone which is revealed at the end of the story. One day when he is going to a meeting he met an accident with his car of his in which his daughter is also sitting. After this incident, when he opens his eye he finds himself in between a lot of audiences.

There from the front, Ajay Devgan comes who is playing the Role of Chitragupt(CG). Then, tells Ayan( Siddharth) about the place that he is sitting in the Karma deciding place. If he won the game he will go to earth and live his life normally. But if he lost he will not be sent to the earth. He will be sent to hell. After this, the game begins and Chitragupt asks him questions based on the emotion human have. He gives him situations and Ayan has to prove himself in every task.

But Ayan Fails to prove himself in the situations. This game ended with Ayan losing and after this, he has to face his hell i.e., his wife and daughters are not safe their life is in danger. But he can have no option but to save both his daughter at the same time. Then the last option comes to his mind that he will have to die for his wife and daughter. In this way, he saved his family But lost his life.

After this, he again opens his eyes and himself in between the people in heaven. After this, all the people congratulated him for doing nice work. Then Chitragupt gave him a reward for doing such a nice thing. Ayan’s family is safe and alright and at this point the movie story end.

Thank God Movie Trailer

The trailer of the movie is released on youtube. The trailer is watched by millions of youtube users after its release of the trailer. The thank god movie is coming to the cinema the movie date is given in the trailer.

Thank God Movie Cast

The Cast of the movie includes very big names in the industry like- Ajay Devgan, Siddarth Malhotra, Rakul Preet Singh, and Nora Fatehi. The Cast of the movie is very expensive. The cast makes the budget of the movie high and expensive. From among the cast, Ajay Devgan is the biggest name in today’s industry. On this, his name the promoters of the films are promoting the film. The role of Ajay Devan is quite big in the movie. He almost takes the second half of the movie. The role of Ajay Devgan is quite interesting in the movie and people who come to watch the movie enjoy his acting.

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The other big name in the movie is Siddarth Malhotra. Siddarth is the main lead role player in the movie. The thank god movie quite looks interesting because with his acting the role suits him In the movie. Rakul Preet’s role is not so interesting in the movie. But her presence in the movie is again worst than she did in DoctorG. She is doing a lot of films in Bollywood in the few time

Thank God for the Movie’s Ott Release Date

The movie’s release date is 24th October on the day of Diwali. To release the movie on this is not a good plan by the director because on this day a lot of the audience will not get engaged with the movie. This is the festive day and this will impact movies collection in the cinema. The Ott release date is not confirmed yet. But it’s expected that ott release of this movie will be available on Amazon Prime Video. The movie set debuted on amazon in the first week of December.

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The Dailymotion is a site that publishes content on its like-articles that are related to different trending news. If You are willing to download the movies from this then you should not get what you think. Because you will get only movie downloading articles here what you think.

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Thank God Movie Download Telegram

Thank god the movie is also available on the telegram. Many channel owners give links to other sites from which you can download movies. The movie downloading links present on many channels. Channels owners upload these links on their sites so that they can build community on their channels.

Thank God Movie Download Google Drive

Movie downloading links are also given in google drive by many pirated peoples. Because it’s a safe way of sharing files on the internet world. In this many people spread piracy on the internet world.

Thank God Movie Download Filmyzilla Hd

Thank god the movie is to release on ott platforms from there you can watch this movie in HD quality. The quality of the movie is highly good on the ott platform. So, I think you have to download the movie from there. Because all ott platforms provide their subscribers downloading option. If you watch movies from these platforms then you are not supporting piracy.

Thank God Movie watch online FAQ

Who played the role of GOD in Thank God Movie?

The role of god played by Ajay Devgan. He is playing the role of Chitragupt in the movie.

What is the OTT release date of Thank God Movie?

The ott release of thank god movie is not yet confirmed. But the expectations are to release it in the first week of December.

What is Thank God movie IMDb rating?

The official IMDb rating of this Thank God movie is round 5.6/10.


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